Sex-robot brothel coming to San Diego in 2018

sex robot
sex robot

Sex robots are nothing new. In fact, the San Diego Union Tribune pointed out that ‘Harmony’, one of the most advanced human-like sex robots is manufactured in San Marcos, in San Diego’s North County.

So it shouldn’t be any surprise that California’s first sex robot brothel is being scheduled to open in San Diego’s downtown Gaslamp district in early 2018. Permits have been filed for a space downtown, leading many to believe that San Diego may become a center for a brand new industry: “sex-robot tourism”.

The facility, as proposed, will have as many as 18 sex-robots in private rooms along with a bar on the first the floor and street-level access to passerbyers interested in learning more about the enterprise.

A San Diego attorney, Michael Morse, says that “sex robots are not covered under any current laws concerning prostitution and constitute absolutely no crime, making the enterprise completely legal”. This strange new business will prove difficult for local politicians and legislators to deal with, given that it has literally never been tried in any other major city in the country.

City official’s have mentioned that the move are expected to decrease sex crimes in the city and will reduce the violence associated with the sex-crime industry.

However, many locals are concerned that tax dollars are being used to subsidize the new sex robot brothel. The enterprise is filing itself under a therapeutic program (22.3b of civic code law) meant for veterans with PTSD, which would mean that veterans who visited the brothel would be able to bill the federal government as a therapy visit, if they were previously diagnosed with PTSD by a licensed physician.

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